combine purchase orders

Is it possible to combine several purchase orders into single purchase invoice? We have supplier which does not send 1 invoice per 1 our purchase order. Contrary, they are combining our multiple orders into one sales invoice. So, we have problem how to post purchase invoices. Only solution is to make new purchase order according to invoice we get and post it. But, then our old orders are not closed so we do not have control of our backorders. Does anyone have experience with this?

Yes there are, On the Purchase Invoice form there is a menu item, Function, Get Receipt which will get the lines from receipts. When you post the invoice the Purchasse orders are updated. Periodically you will want to run the batch job Delete Invoiced Purchase Orders which you will find under Periodic Activities. Read more about this in the help text for the Get Receipt Lines function and for the Delete… batch job. BTW: the easiest way to get help for the Get REceipt function is to click the help cursor, and then click the “Functions” button on the Purchase Invoice Form. /Lars