Merge Multiple Posted Sales Invoice in to one document

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We are currently using NAV2009 and are in the process of upgrading to Dynamics Business Central. We have multiple customers who require a single invoice for all purchase orders. Often items ship separately, which creates multiple invoices for their single PO. Is there a way to Merge Multiple Posted Sales Invoices in to a single document?

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If invoices are already posted, then you can’t combine them into one document. But it is possible to post a single invoice for several receipts.

  1. Create a purchase invoice and fill only the header information - vendor, posting date.

  2. Run the function Get Receipt Lines. I don’t remember what this action looks like in 2009, but in later versoins it is Line | Functions | Get Receipt Lines. Run this action and select all receipts you want to invoice.

Now this invoice contains information from all selected receipts - when it is posted, all the related orders are invoiced.