Combining "duplicate requisitions" on requisitions sheet into single line for purchase \ transfer order

We are experiencing and issue in which when requisition sheets are run from MRP there will be multiple lines of the same item being ordered in various quantities for the same location. Currently we are pulling these requisition sheets out of NAV and into Excel, combining the “duplicate” lines and then reuploading the edited Excell workbook into NAV for the purchase and transfer orders. Is there a way to have NAV combine these duplicate lines for us, or is there a configuration we are missing in item \ SKU \ location?

Are the suggestions all on the same Date? Often times you will have multiple lines for the same Item if your Planning Horizon (Start/End Dates) are over a long span of time. You may need to order different quantities on different weeks/months to meet your demand.

Another possibility is the “Reordering Policy” is set to “Order” policy, which creates a new supply suggestion for each source of demand. For example, if you had 5 Sales Orders you would get 5 Purchase Orders. A similar case would be true if you are using “Lot-for-Lot” Reordering Policy and your Lot Accumulation Period is blank (1D) or set to a small time period, such as 2D.

Hopefully one of these suggestions helps you determine why you are getting multiple lines suggested for the same Item.

Best Regards,
Ben Baxter
Accent Software Inc