Transfer Orders in 4.0

After spending hours trying to determine what went wrong I found out that my transfer order problem is a known issue at Navision. So I’m posting this hoping to save the rest of you some time. The problem is that when you run the Carry Out Action Message from the Requisition worksheet any lines that have a Replenishment System of Transfer are going to create two transfer orders for each line. One transfer order will be correct, the other will have multiple lines for the same quantity and dates. Thus tripling the quantity. As far as I know there isn’t a fix yet. My NSC says Navision is working on it. I have been deleting the extra transfer orders as a workaround.

Hi Minnie I am afraid I cannot reproduce this. Using the Planning Worksheet to create Transfer Orders only creates, for me, the quantity required. I am running 4.0. The processof carrying out the action messages calls, I believe, report 99001020 Carry Out Action Msg. - Plan. which I have as version NAVW14.00. Can yo provide any more information in case it is set-up related? I am using Cronus and the item 70001 where the Yellow location is set as a transfer replenishment system from the blue location.

I was told it works from the Planning worksheet and to use it but we don’t have the license for it. The problem I reported is when you are using the Requisition Worksheet. As it stands right now Navision NA development is working on the problem.

Hi Minnie Apologies for testing it in the other worksheet. I have just run it through on the Requisition Workshhet and again encountered no issues. Maybe this is NA specific, but if it helps perhaps they should investiage the GB code as I do not get your issue (unless I am missing other item specifics - using 70002 in Cronus to test this.).

NA has modified Codeunit 99000813 - Carry Out Action (version list = ‘NAVW14.00,NAVNA4.00’) to include a call to the function ‘InsertTransLine’ at the end of the function ‘InsertTransHeader’, and added a new function ‘InsertTransHeaderWithNo’ that calls the (modified) ‘InsertTransHeader’ function… Report 493 - Carry Out Action Msg. - Req calls Codeunit 333 - Req. Wksh.-Make Order. In this codeunit, we find a call to ‘InsertTransHeaderWithNo’ (which calls InsertTransHeader which has been modified to call InsertTransLine), followed by a call to InsertTransLine… Report 99001020 - Carry Out Action Msg. - Plan calls ‘CarryOutTransOrder’ in Codeunit 99000813 - Carry Out Action, which calls ‘InsertTransLine’. ‘InsertTransLine’ detects that a header has not been inserted, so it calls ‘InsertTransHeader’ (which, of course, has been modified to call ‘InsertTransLine’)… ! After all this, perhaps we should be happy that it only doubles-up the lines… [sigh]

Thanks Fritz Least I am not going mad! [:D]