Deleting Lines from the Requisiton sheet.

Planning Process: When I re-run the planning worksheet and forward them to the ‘Requisition Worksheet’ in the Purchase and Payable area, system will delete the existing lines in the ‘Requisition Worksheet’ This functionality is creating the Problem. The Purchase Department of any organization requires the min processing period before the Requisition lines are converted into Purchase Orders, for activities such as Floating enquiries, Obtaining quotations and finalizing the Quotations and as such the Requisition lines can not be immediately converted into the Purchase Orders. And If you run the planning worksheet before the previously sent purchase requisition lines are converted into Purchase Orders, system will delete the lines and all the activities initiated by the Purchase Department go haywire. Offcourse one can choose the different requisition sheet template. But that too is found not practical. As every time you want to transfer the lines, you need to select the new one. Is there any other viable solution? Thanks in advance.

Hi Vijay You can go down the modification route, but if you have soft planned purchases and then re-run the worksheet it will suggest them again, and your likelihood of duplicating orders is heightened. I would recommend that the new runs are not processed until the purchasing is firm. This may mean you need to keep the quote and load a soft order (where the leadtime and price is “soft” but if you do not reflect the order MRP will replan. You have choices on how you modify it, but it will take a modification to cope with the lengthy quotaion process.