CodeUnit 80 Sales-Post, few first lines

OnRun(VAR Rec : Record “Sales Header”)
IF PostingDateExists AND (ReplacePostingDate OR (“Posting Date” = 0D)) THEN BEGIN
“Posting Date” := PostingDate;
VALIDATE(“Currency Code”);

IF PostingDateExists AND (ReplaceDocumentDate OR (“Document Date” = 0D)) THEN
VALIDATE(“Document Date”,PostingDate);
. . .

my darkness is, when and where those vars ‘PostingDateExists’ and ‘ReplacePostingDate’ assigned or called?
please help. thank you.

You know it’s a variable in the Object, so just do a search within Codeunit 80 for that variable name to find all of the places it is used. You will see that there is a function that sets both of these variables.

This is used in batch posting of orders, which is done in Report 296 for Sales.

of course !!! batch posting routine!!! yeah … i have overlooked it.

Thanx thanx thanx … Matt , Dave