Batch Post Sales Orders

I’m having some brain freeze here. Ok, everyone knows nothing is more annoying than when a user Batch Posts & does not change the Postng date to todays date or simply type “T” in request posting date field on the options tab. Even with flashing notes of “BE CAREFUL” and good training this problem always rears it ugly head once in a while. I was wondering which is the best way of fixing this. Would I have the date automatically change to today’s date or the work date - or have a pop up message saying the date is wrong when the Posting Date<Todays Date. I’m looking at report 296 “Batch post Sales orders” Is this the form I should modify? Thanks All…

Your best bet would be to modify the report so whenever the report is processed, it’ll default the Posting Date to workdate. Personally, I prefer defaulting rather than giving an error. It’s one less error message they have to deal with. [:D]

Ok so, OnPreDataItem I added IF ReplacePostingDate AND (PostingDateReq <> WORKDATE) THEN ERROR(Text005); With Text005 being - “YOU ARE TRYING TO POST WITH THE WRONG DATE!” ----- I’m trying it this way because I want them to be aware of what they are doing when posting and it’s important to focus while doing this process.

Further to the Sales Batch Posting Debate, when adding a tick to the Replace Posting Date a message pops up saying… The exchange rate associated with the new posting date on the sales header will not apply to the sales lines. Does this really mean that the new exchange rate is not applied to sales lines during the batch post run and if so, what can the customer do to apply the latest currency exchange at a later date, do they have to run the Adjust Exchange Rates batch job? Cheers David

Changing dates in a batch invoice posting routine is very complex. The date contorls many things. the most important ofthese is tax. (Most significant in the US with Sales Tax). You should not assume your client to be stupid. Its always better to give them a message that “reminds” them of a mistake they made, than to hard code the fix, and thus introduce multiple further complications. That said if you do want to change the date, then you need to write a routine that prior to runnign th ebatch, will Re-Open the order, change the date and calculate excahnage rates and tax, and then release the order. then you can call the batch routine. Simply putting in a few liens of code to change the date is asking for problems.

Hi David, Thanks for the reply. What about the US foreign policy. Will batch posting pick up the new exchange rate that will apply to a change of the posting/tax point date? Cheers David