Update Posting Date when Posting an Invoice

Hello all,

I would like to update the Posting Date when Post/Invoice routine is started, is there anywhere in the setup an option to make that default? We have modules from different MS partners that allow us to Invoice a bunch of Orders by i.e. Bill of lading, some times over 200 orders, and we want to keep the posting date as a reference of the date when the Invoicing routine was started, and of course we do not want to update the Posting Date in 200+ orders manually.

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You need to put a code in codeunit 80 on OnRun trigger for replacing posting date for today’s date.

That task can be done manually as well. Its in the standard in report 296 ‘Batch Post Sales Orders’ already.

There a fields in the request form to change or keep the posting date. If you enter a posting date there it is taken for all sales orders to be posted with that batch.

I would prefer that way as a fixed date in CU 80 might lead to problems if you want to post to other days than today.