closing date

Hi, is it really impossible to exclude postings on the closing date? In the help funtion of the field “Include closing date” in the column layout of account schedules, you can read: Include Closing Date Field The Column Layout Table A check mark in this field shows that ledger entries made on the closing date will be included in the Account Schedules columns, if the closing date is the day before the period you have entered in the Date Filter field. Entries on earlier closing dates are always included regardless of the status of this field. But by calculating the net change, I want to exclude those postings. Has anyone tried this - successfully- Michael

Hi, How will you decide when system should exclude those entries? Can you explain in detail(preferably with example).

Because it is for the purpose of budgeting, it should be excluded always.

I will have to check, but I think that closing date is excluded by default. Lookup the CSIDE help for CLOSINGDATE, which calculates the closing date for a given date. (Please correct me if I am wrong!) I have re-read your question and realised I have misinterpreted what you said. Oops! Regards, edd