Exclude closed entries fromAcc. Sch. Overview

Hi all, Does anyone know how i can exclude any closed entries from the Account Schedule Overview window? We’re runnning Navision 3.70 on SQL Server

Hmmm, The Account Schedule Overview basically shows G/L entries. There’s no open/closed state for a G/L entry, so I don’t really understand the question …?

I agree to that. But we’ve made this modification quite a few times that you can apply g/l entries to each other. This can be usefull with interim accounts for e.g. salary. If this is the case then I think a modification needs to be done.

Rich do you mean entries with a Closing posting date?

Yes David i do mean entries with a closing posting date - sorry should have made this clearer in the first place. Thanks for the replies so far!!

In this case you can try to change the Include Closing Date field in the column header.

Mark, I’ve tried unchecking the Include Closing Date (to exclude them) however this seems to have no effect. I’ve also had a read on the help file and it said that this field will only be applied if the date filter is the day after the closed posting date - however this seems to have no effect when i change the date filter to the next day after the closed posting date. Do you think i need to refer to the reseller to get a modification done? Richard.

If you want it to do something different than the functionality defined in the helpfile you should indeed contact your reseller.[^] However, you can maybe wait for a reaction form David, maybe he knows a trick.[:D]

You can always set the date filter yourself and not include the C date. Cheers Peter

Peter, I’m not sure what you are suggesting there, usually my date filter take the form 01/01/05…31/03/05 - this does include the C date entries. How would this be ammended to exclude them? Richard.

Need to know the actual closing date entry. From what you have posted so far, I am heading towards a guess that you are running 445 accounting, and have a financial year end in January. Since I don’t have a 445 calendar on me, I can only guess that the Financial year starts on Jan 3rd 2005. If I am correct so far, or at least close, then to do what Peter suggests, you would need to use the following filter: 01/01/05…01/02/05|01/03/05…31/03/05 Unfortunately that is not possible, since Account schedules require a continuous filter range. As for the “Include Closing Date”, thats a bit of a misnomer, in fact all it does is includes the LAST closing date in the range, by default all the closing dates in the range are included, so this does not help. You basically have two solutions. 1/ Coding. Its not that much code, in fact there is only one date that needs to be excluded, so the code would simply look at the Finance Year table, and exclude the last closing day of the year (“01/01/05…31/03/05&<>01/03/05”) its not a huge job. 2/ You could make a complex set of hidden columns to calc the total financial year subtract it from something else etc, and get there, but I would suggest a mod for this instead.