My company are in the final stages of selecting a new finance fystem and MS Dynamics NAV is in the final two. We require a CIS functionality to upload automatically to the HMRC Gateway.

Looking at previous posts (dated c2005) I can see that there was nothing previously in place from MS Dynamics NAV. My questions is as follows: has a CIS function been developed by MS or will this need to be performed by the MS Dynamics NAV implementation partner? Or has there been anything developed by another company that you have approved that we may be able to use?

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Can you explain what the CIS tax is ?


Apologies should of explained it better! CIS stands for Construction Industry Tax, it is a monthly return that is required by HMRC to be submitted through their Gateway. Much the same as VAT returns.

Basically I need to know if there is a function to transfer data directly to HMRC (VAT and CIS) from MS NAV.



Just now I haven’t GB localisation database on my servers, but I recall there were many GB-specific thingies added when I examined it some time ago.

I do not remember by heart was CIS tax among them, but it can be easily checked with either the potential MS Partner company who prepared the proposal for you or even bu calling Microsoft GB, both should know. (Country-specific taxes usually are the first to be added to localised versions)

Many thanks for the reply