Merry Christmas everyone! Our telesales staff are regularly asked if the products they are discussing (including Navision) can cope with CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) taxation. I presume this would be covered within a payroll type module. Does anyone know if such an add-on exists, either within Vorsprung or elsewhere? Thanks

Hello Garry, We have quite a number of clients using the Vorsprung payroll solution, but none at present in the construction industry, so I have never come across ‘CIS’. I would have thought this could be handled by creating a new pay element? Alternatively you could see if the Lanstienar solution handles it. One other possibility: If your sales teams have been asked enough times, then it might be worth investing some time developing it as an add-on yourselves and then you can definitely say “Yes”. [:D]

Hi Gary Just to let you know it will depend upon the level required, but I am aware we have developed a solution for this, I am also aware of other resellers in the UK in that vertical that have. I have not been involved in it myself but I believe it is around the payment of subcontractors. You know where we are if you need further information [:D] And Merry Christmas to you as well!

We’ll get in touch with you in the new year and discuss it. As much as anythin g else, it means our telesales people can give a positive answer. Thanks Gary

Metaphorix Ltd in Birmingham have the Metabuild solution which fully handles all CIS Tax issues. Call them on 01675 432400 and ask for Jane Chambers (their FD) I have seen their installation on 3 sites and it works very well. Cheers Roy