Tax integration for several countries

Hi all,

I am trying to see if it’s feasible to implement NAV in several countries espacially with Tax issues. Those countries are France; Holland ; USA and Canada.

How do you deply that type of integration? one or different databases? Using TS via Citrix? what about Tax calculation?

Any help will be appreciated.


They each have separate and legal requirements - you cannot feasibly put them all in one database and say there you go, deal with that. Speak to Microsoft because I believe the licensing is different with this sort of approach to ensure the locailty issues are addressed.

In case when companies from Europe and NAmerica are involved, you can not push them in one DB - taxation principles are too different.

Europe has VAT, USA has not, European firms withold income tax and social insurances from employee salary and pay these directly to their country’s tax administrations, Americans don’t bother - and this list can be continued. Even different obligatory reporting to these same tax adminstrations differ, not by “continents”, but even for each & every country.

Even in EU, where there is much in common with taxation/reporting legislation, problems arise in different place - you can not get from MS an “over-country license”, including localised objects from several countries. This theme was raised some time ago here in forum, but seems was not solved from MS side, I don’t remember know. The member asking about it I think gave up then, as other problems exist and license is not the main one.

BTW, that for Consolidation exist - but it’s very weak and poorly realised. When we needed to do real consolidation, we wrote our own solution completely from scratch. It’s not only CoA mapping - the same transaction in different countries is differently treated by accounting rules, for example, you can include some payments in expenses in one country, but in another it can be paid from profit part only… In other words, Balance sheet for the same subsidiary looks different in it’s home country and at the HQ overseas.

Thanks all. I will see how using different databases can be done.

BTW has someone here as lready done that before. I would like to know your feedback .

Hi Modris, I have other few questions: If I need to check if an existing database has integrated all objects and langque modules for several countries, how can I check that? And If one database was used for that, how changes should be done or what type of changes should have been done to make sure all work properly.

thank you agin for the feed back


Localisation doesn’t mean only adding some country-specific Objects.

Although there exist such country-specific Objects, too, and every country has it’s object No range assigned, localisation also includes MODIFICATIONS in common Objects.

Look in ObjectDesigner, column version list. If it looks like “NAVW15.00” - it is unmodified v5 object, if something is added after it, and instead of W1 includes country code (GB, DE, IT for example) - it is localised object.

This is another reason --which I didn’t mention earlier-- why you can not merge several countries functionality in ONE database, as if the same Object is differently modified for these countries, you can not put them BOTH, and almost always can not merge localisation mods into one common object, as mods almost always conflict.