cannot create an intercompany endpoint


I am trying to setup intercompany for four company accounts all on the same instance of AX2009. Intercompany accounting is working fine, now need to setup intercompany sales orders - purchase orders. All four companies belong to the same virtual company.

I have created local endpoints for the companies. I have checked the system > configuration and all the keys are enabled…

When I attempt to create the endpoints the checkbox ‘Intercompany organization’ is not shown on the overview grid or the General tab. Neither is the company drop down to select the company id for which this endpoint is intercompany for The entire ‘Overview’ group is missing from the General tab of the Endpoints form. If I attempt to update these fields via the table browser only the IntercompanyOrg field is available for update. In essence I cannot create an intercompany endpoint - why?

Your help is always greatly appreciated.


Dear Joe,

I will try to help you in this but I need one help from you.

“Please suggest me on intercompany setup.I created two legal entity released one item in both the company.And after putting all the company specific details with item I did transaction in both the company.But I am unable to check the intercompany on hand.”

Please tell me the steps for basic inter company inventory related setup.And other.