InterCompany Transactions

I am practiceing InterCompany Transactions. I am using ax client in that dat and Demo are 2 companies.
I create one sales order and goto functions and click create purchase order.then got to inventory module
click items–>click on-hand button—>intercompany on-hand then i get this error

Stack trace: The company CEE does not exist.

(S)\Classes\TradeInterCompany\createTmpInventSum - line 77
(C)\Forms\InventOnhandInterCompany\Data Sources\inventDim\Methods\init - line 52

please solve the problem

Is this issue related to Dynamics Navision ?

Dynamic Ax 2009

What are the exact names of the companies you have in your system? If you have “DAT” and “DEMO” only, then the error is because your setup is looking for a company called “CEE”.

CEE is a company that is part of the Microsoft demo contoso data. It sounds like you have screwed up your data.

my system have only 'dat and demo ’ company where can i change setup?please tell me

You might have duplicated one of the contesso demo companies as your demo company. so the AIF(Intercompany) setups might got copied from that company.

You should not use dat company for doing any transctions(which is used to store some defualt information). Create one more company and delete all the AIF setup there in demo company and do it from base…

the salesorder to purchase order working fine(SMY to DAT)but purchaseorder to sales order(SMY to DAT) their is an error when i am creating new purchaeorder the error will comes 'Item does’t exist 1001’

Note:I setup intercompany transaction without using aif

hai kranthi

iam not working with AIF.

As you said i have created 2 new companies com1 and **com2.**Now when i am creating the sales order in com1 then purchase order is creating in com2.

But when iam creating purchase order in com1 it is throwimg me an error ‘Account 1001 is not exist’. But 1001 account is exist in com1.I have already defined 1001 in endpoints form.