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Please suggest me on intercompany setup.I created two legal entity released one item in both the company.And after putting all the company specific details with item I did transaction in both the company.But I am unable to check the intercompany on hand.

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How are you trying to do it? It may be just my ignorance, but I’m not aware of such a feature out of the box.

Hi … If AX2012 then perhaps have a look at this previous posts from both myself and Martin Drab

Hi Prashant, for your reference of intercompany setups.

What is the problem? Are you not able to see any records in the Intercompany on-hand form?

Have you marked Show company field to view per company on-hand? Post a screenshot for reference.


Thanks for the reply. As we can check inter-company setup in two company in R2 demo data between CEE and CEU and in CU7 demo data USMF and DEMF. If you work with these two company its fine. You can check inter-company on hand. If you release the same item with other company then these two and create some transaction with that and check the on hand it will not show the on hand of third one.

Eg : Company SMC1, SMC2 , SMC3 ; Product No 1001 is released in all three then put the company specific details.And do transaction with all three company. As you want to check the inter-company on hand you are not able to see it.

"But same thing if you will do with these inter- company setup done by Microsoft you can check inter company on hand "

So may be some setup behind this is done by Microsoft. I am looking for that. Even I have tried with creating virtual company account.



I probably haven’t got what you mean by “inter-company on hand” and that you’re “not able to see it”. Could you elaborate it?

As far a I know, you always see invent on-hand quantity for a single company; what inter-company functionality does is creating corresponding orders (and inventory transactions) in other companies.

Dear Martin,

First of all thanks for the reply.

I am looking for ondand details of a same item that is released in two legal entity.

Product Number 101 ,Product Name Water Bottle is released in two legal entity USRT and FRRT.With their own company specific details.Then we make transaction of that item in both the legal entity.Suppose created PO in USRT with 10 qty and PO of 20 Qty in FRRT. As we check the inventory onhand in USRT it should shows 10 Qty.From same screen if we want to check the onhand of FRRT we click on intercompany onhand.As you can see it in the pic.This function is working very fine with CU7 demo data.

*If you will create two company and do the same it will not show you the onhand qty of other company.May be some setup done for this in demo data except that Intercompany accounting and intercompany Sales & Purchase *

I am looking for that.


Okay, thank you for the explanation of the expected behavior. Now, what does happen in your system?

Dear Martin,

I created four company. Released item in all company having same product number and company specific item number.Now I just recorded inventory opening balance to post. But I am unable to check how much qty available(Ordered In Total) in all company in a single screen.through that intercompany onhand button.As I explained to you for Demo data. I want to check in the same manner. But I cannot see it.0268.Untitled1.png