Calling Navision from another program

Is it possible to call NAVISION from say VB / VB.NET / JAVA and execute a particular Form / Report / Codeunit passing parameters like Database / CompanyName / Object / Object ID or Object Name ?

You can use NAS navision application server, using msmq or tcip. There are several ways to do it ,but programatically through COM you cannot. Here is a simple way to do it. I’m assuming you are using sql. Write code in navision to monitor a new table. You’ll insert from outside application what to do in that new table.

You could take a look at ExpandIT; they have a “Launch Utility” which runs a defined object. The problem with starting NAVISION from “outside” is that you have to pass the Login/Password - that’s done by the “Launch Utility”. Each setting og LU is safed in a INI-file, so you could define a INI for each object you want to run - then LU can be started from command-line with the reqired INI as parameter (or you could edit the relevant parameters within the INI on runtime!?). Regards,

Thanks for providing the info. Of course CFRONT could be used, provided I am aware of the transactions taking place . But LU facility is more helpful since I am only aware of the session to be used and actual transaction entry is left to the user .