CFront-OCX Codeunits Visual Basic

I have a Visual Basic programm and i want to make a call to a codeunit in Navision. Can someone tell me how? I’m using Navision Financials 2.01, is that a problem? If so, how can i fix the problem or what is the method to fix the problem? thanks, David de groot

Hi, Please describe in details. If you want to call VB program from Navision then use SHELL command in Navision. If you had created DLL then declare it as a automation variable and can use it. If VB progran is OCX and having the visual component then you can not use it in Navision( I think Navision Financial 2.6 does provide the facility to declare OCX, I am not clear.Please check it)

Hi, It’s sad but true: Running a NF codeunit through C/FRONT is impossible. You’ll have to find another solution. Table/field triggers are not supported in C/FRONT either; If, for example, you insert a record into a table that uses number ranges (nummerreeksen), the correct record key won’t be calculated for you. regards, Peter Nagel

should i tell u 1 trick hope it will work make a table , structure should be in such a way that you can define what do u want, and make a code unit with single instance write all the codes in that codeunit related with that table and user the timer and execute the codeunit from that timer. so from cfront you will add the record in navision, timer will execute the code unit, code unit will read that record from the table and will execute accordingly and will delete that record