Navision Application Server

Is anyone out there using Navision Application Server to perform tasks in Navision other then in User Portal, Commerce Portal, or Commerce Gateway? I know that its possible to crank up a codeunit from the NAS, and would like to do this to automate a nightly import that is currently running (the import is all done in a codeunit, no dataports). I just haven’t spent the time to really research HOW to go about doing this. Can anyone shed any light? Thanks.

NAS is perfect for “batching”. When NAS is started You specify a Startup Parameter. That parameter is passed to the function NASHandler which has id 99. Modify the function NASHandler in codeunit 1 so it recognizes Your own Startup Parameter and add the code You want to run. You can also run NAS on older databases as long as You upgrade C/SIDE to at least 3.10. Just add a function with ID 99 in Codeunit 1 and You should be up and running (haven’t tested that myself yet, but it must work since NAS is nothing more than a client running as a service without an UI) Have You others started to use the NAS for batch posting and such? Would be interesting to hear. Good luck!