Calling a menu Item from HTML control


Am using Ax 2012. I have a requirement to open a menu item from HTML control in AX.

Is there any possibility?

Thank in advance.

You might be interested in Call an AX form from an application outsite AX.

Hi martin,

I dont want to call AX form outside AX.

Is there any possibilities to open AX form from a link using HTML control(Form Control) in AX.

It explains how to construct URLs that open things in AX.

If you want to look for some other solution, all right…

Is there any other solution?

All solutions I can currently think of require an URI protocol handler and an executable application, either AxHLink.exe or something custom.

If you want something else, there likely will be other solutions, but you’ll have to think it up by yourself.

I need to open an Ax menu item from command prompt…

Tried it out by using Ax32.exe -StartupCmd=StartupElementAction\Menu&Items\Display\Ledger

its opening the AX client but not the specified Menu item… Why it is so…?

Not 100% sure what you are after but the PDFs created by SSRS have links back to AX menu items and I believe these are URLs, I would find a report that has a link and then use that as a base