Use MenuItem in HTML Viewer

Dear All,

I found working code in AX 2012, creating HTML code to use a menuitem:

html = strfmt(’<a href="menuitemdisplay:…

which results in


Using the same code in AX 365 shows the text blue, but doesn’t use the menuitem.

The menuitem is created in the 365 project and working on another place.

So my question is: Do I have to change the browser, the html code, the menuitem settings, or will it not work in AX 365?

I tried to find anything helpful here in the forum and using fried google, but didn’t find anything.

kind regards and thank You for any help.

menuitemdisplay:ANXTMSTransportOrderTable?30380=5637401828 isn’t a valid URL. I believe you meant menuitemdisplay://ANXTMSTransportOrderTable?30380=5637401828. It’s using a custom URL scheme, menuitemdisplay, which requires having an application installed that can handle these URLs and registering this application as the handler of this scheme (in Windows registry).

This was necessary when AX wasn’t a web application and you couldn’t simply use HTTP addresses. Now you can (e.g. https: //, therefore all the old stuff isn’t needed anymore and it doesn’t exist.

Ok, I understand, but unfortunaltelly it is another problem:
in 2012 it works without any code, we just add a menuitem in the html code and the menu item is called and doing it’s work, as if it is in a action pane.

In 365 the menuitem works fine inside an action pane, but not in the html viewer.

We don’ t want to open a real html link, but use the functionality of a menu item, but out of a html viewer.

On the top left we have a menuItem in an action pane, which opens a new form.

the same should happen, when klicking in the “link” left bottom, it should open new form.

Bottom right is a html link, which opens Bing Maps in a new tab.

The forms shall open in the same tab.

I’m sorry, but I don’t think that your requirements are compatible. You either want to use standard AX controls with all the behavior of AX application, or you want to write HTML (where you can use links).

If I was you, I would redesign the old solution from HTML to D365FO controls.