C# + CFRONT 2.60D + FlowFields calculation problem

I have some troubles calculating flowfields under VS.NET (2003) using CFRONT. There is my code (i am beginner in C#): int fn = 0; fn = cf.FieldNo(hTable,“Balance (LCY)”); string[] flds = new string[1] {“Balance (LCY)”}; flds[0] = “Balance (LCY)”; object obj1 = (object)flds; object obj; obj = cf.FieldNoArray(hTable, ref obj); //ERROR: Type mismatch cf.CalcFields(hTable,hRec,ref obj); newRow[“Balance (LCY)”] = cf.GetFieldData(hTable,hRec,fn); What is wrong in this code. Same functionality perfectly works in Delphi and VB6, but does’n works in C#.