Boolean into NF2.60 with Cfront and VB

I’m using VB 6.0 with Cfront to try to insert a record into NF 2.60 E. But no matter what value I use, I’m getting a type mismatch error on the AssignField() function. The line of code with the error: =============================================== Call cf.AssignField(tableHandle, hRec, 81, multiOrder) =============================================== I have tried using the values 0, “0”, False, “False”, “No” for the variable multiOrder. But I get the same error. I don’t know what the command AssignBcdField() is for (the manual does not have details of this fucntion) but I tried that as follows: =============================================== Call cf.AssignBcdField(tableHandle,hRec,81, 0) =============================================== This gave the error Cfront Fatal Error: Invalid Handle. Can someone please point out what’s wrong with this code? Thanks in advance

I found the answer. I was converting the variable called multiOrder into a Boolean value before AssignField function. If I leave it as Variant datatype and give it a value of either False or True then it works fine.