CFRONT in C#. Problem with CalcFields

Sorry for wrong forum, but in “Integration” forum nobody can anwer me. I have some C# code: int fn = cf.FieldNo(hTable,“Balance (LCY)”); string[] flds = new string[1] {“Balance (LCY)”}; object obj1 = (object)flds; object obj = cf.FieldNoArray(hTable, ref obj); //ERROR: Type mismatch cf.CalcFields(hTable,hRec,ref obj); newRow[“Balance (LCY)”] = cf.GetFieldData(hTable,hRec,fn); Due “Type mismatch” error i can’t calculate any FlowField. How can i calculate FlowField using .Net COM wrapper? Is it possible to calculate FlowFields in C#/VB.Net?

Hmmmm… Only one solution i found: OCX for OCX. I’ve created my own ActiveX DLL for access CFRONT.OCX with some changes. CalcFields(Long,Long,Variant) was replaced to CalcFlowFieldByName(Table,Rec,FieldName). My current versions works only with Decimal, but other datatypes can be emplemented within some minutes. All possible ‘Variant’ usages are hidden in xxxDatatype methods (GetDecimalFieldValue,GetTextFieldValue, etc). This perfectly works in .NET for me now. I can e-mail my sources (VB6).

I’m developing an internet web site which interact with Navision SQL Server Database. I need to access dinamically to flowfields from VB.NET I’m interesting in your vb6 source code. Could you send it by e.mail ( Thanks in advance for your support Best regards