budgets in foreign currency

Dear All,

I had budgets in foreign curreny which i converted into LCY with the exchange rate of the day i entered the budget ( as navision standard doesnt have function to support budgeting in foreign currency) . My expenses are all posted in LCY. I have prepared A/C schedule report to compare my expenses with the budgets and i run that report in Additional reporting currency( which is the same budget currency)

Now my issue is whenever i run the the Budget Vs Expenses report the figures in the budget gets updated with the last exchage rate used in currency card. This gives me the distorted view of budget. I want to see budgets converted into foreign currency with the exchage rate of the respective date of budget entry not the latest exchage rate. I hope you understad it.

Is there any workaround to support this requirement. Looking forward to hear from you



This is coded in the codeunit for calculating the value for the account schedules ( Codeunit 8 - AccSchedManagement). The basic problem is that the budget entry table has only one value and has to convert this at report time to show the additional reporting currency value. You could get your partner to modify this code to lookup the rate applicable at the time for the additional reporting currency or use a stored/budget rate.

Such comparisons have always be problematic - remember, that ARC amount in every GL entry is calculated by historical rate (or last newest entered before PostingDate, if exact one for PD isn’t entered).

Every company using such reporting has worked out its own principles how to report, say, to mother company abroad.
Precise Amts to last cent are impossible, as FOREX rates change daily - today I may have profit, but in a week (doing NOTHING, only rates have changed meanwhile) be in deep loss…

The same with budgeting, as in your case. Actually you don’t get distorted figures - you get figures as calculated for CURRENT DAY. If you are in EUR zone and report to US based headquarters, $1000 a month ago FOR YOU is not the same as $1000 today. If you happen to live in a country with serious inflation/deflation, changes are more significant…

So, its more accounting / reporting principles question, than Navision bare calculations, which seem not to be precise.