Additional Reporting Currency only use the latest exchange rate

Dear All,

When I set USD as Additional Reporting Currency to my Navision, the system run a batch job to update all previous records with the additional reporting currency. After the batch job completed, I checked the Additional-Currency Amount field in the G/L Entry table. It was updated with figure corresponding to USD currency.

However, when I analyze further on the figure in the Additional-Currency Amount, I found out that Navision updated Additional-Currency Amount field for all records with the latest exchange rate. This is not reflecting the real situation because the the exchange rate fluatuate over time. Is there any way I can make Navision to update Additional-Currency Amount field with the exchange rate based on the rate when the records were posted.

Standart Navision wouldn’t do that, but if you are adding ARC later, it even can’t add historical rates, as then G/L will be out of balance in ARC.
Later on with next new postings corresponding rates will be used - you will notice then sometimes system adds lines with zero amount in LCY but some value in ARC and description "ARC balance line"to keep ACR Balance, but this can’t be done when you switch on ARC, already having many posted transactions.

BUT Navision doesn’t use strictly historical rates! When you use ARC (or post transaction in foreign currency), Navision seeks rate with closest eldest date to posting date, IF there is no rate for given currency on exact posting date.
As in my country we have legal requirement to use strict historical, we had to include such mod in our localisation - but for unknown reasons it was rather hard to achieve.