Managing Additional Currency

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I am setting up NAV 2009 with an Additional Report Currency. No problem with that.

My problem is that my customer wants to be able to make some entries in local currency that will have no impact ($0.00) in foreign currency (and vice-versa). This is required for example for some end of year adjustments related for P&L reports.

Any ideas on how I can solve this issue ?

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How does that work? If I have $10 in my pocket, how can that be nothing in another currency?


Your some end of year adjustments related for P&L reports must be reflected in ARC, too - otherwise you will end up with unbalanced G/L in ARC.
Navision will not allow you to make such entries, consistency check routine will stop this.

It is possible that the customer only need the ARC for VAT purposes, in the U.K. it is a requirement to show the ARC VAT on the sales invoice and to produce the VAT report in ARC (this is where the LCY is in $ or some other currency).

Under these circumstances, EOY adjustments with ARC are not important as long as they do not impact on the VAT.

However, it is a very strange request that does not apprear to have any merit. It would be best if the reason is given and we can then comment on that.


Additional Currency

can i use it for customer GST???

in purchase invoice when we take a look in the statistics,we can se Amount (ACY)

but why in sales invoice and then statistic,we can’t…

please help