Best Notebook

Please vote for best notebook. Select on the basis of Durability,Speed,Performance,Sound & Vision(Graphics) Fujitsu-Siemens, Toshiba,Dell,Compaq,IBM,Sony

I have had a number of laptops / notebooks, and would say my current one is the best. It is a Compaq EVO N115.

thanks Connull for prompt reply, it is not showing the option buttons to select, have i posted it properly ?? and poll status is locked as well, how can i unlock it.

NEC!!! [;)]

Ajay, I’m not sure if you can unlock the poll status. Try emailing Erik.

Ajay, What was the purpose of this poll? Are you looking at buying a laptop / notebook? What make is your preference?

Yes connull, i want to buy a laptop, make does not matter but price does matter [:)] I want Mobile pentium 4 plus i want good sound and graphics as well i have seen few new laptops they are coming with digital dolby sounds it is great for watching DVDs

Ajay, I watched DVD’s on mine, and it’s good enough for me. I would however suggest an AMD chip (not Duron) instead of Intel - I’ve always had Intel until me laptop / notebook, and I believe you can tell the difference!


Originally posted by ajayjain poll status is locked as well, how can i unlock it.

It was locked when you created it. And only admins and moderators can unluck a posting.

Ajay, There you go, you just have to ask Erik nicely if you want the poll unlocked. [:D] [:D]

Historically HP - Most reliable Notebook[:)], Compaq - Least reliable notebook[xx(] Toshiba Tecra Best Notebook if you have the money[:D] Toshiba Satelite Worst Notebook, no mater how cheap they are.[:(!] IBM good always, definitely the safest bet.[;)] Dell - Leaset compatible, and most problems [:(] Nowadays HP + Compaq = [?] I would still go for an IBM. Though I know Dell have made great strides in their more recent machines. My advise, get the one with the best keyboard. (By default that means IBM or HP, and absolutely eliminates Dell and Sony). PS: Actually I did about 80 or so Navision implementations on a Taiwanesse no name Notebook. It was a top of the line 486 (16 Mhz, 12 Mb Ram, 500 Mb Hard disk, 640 x 480 16 shades of grey) OS 2 Warp 3.0 with Win-OS/2. (I eventually down graded to Win 95[V]) Who remembers the days of going to lunch whilst restoring a 20 Mb Database. (yes that’s an M not a G) If you want to learn every short cut and trick to programming and performance in Navision, just get a Notebook like that, and you will learn very quickly. The Matrix Form with Multiple Comparison Columns was written on this machine. Aiy and tell the young’ns today and they’ll nought belive ya.

I’m listening GRANDAD! [:D] [:D] [:D]

I’ve been running Thinkpad for eight years now. Not the cheapest nor the fastest. But the are very reliable (and I love the Thinkpad’s keyboard). /Lars


Originally posted by CMDunbar
I’m listening GRANDAD! [:D] [:D] [:D]

Connull, don’t mock on the old man. His only hobby in the assylum is to tell people about his old battles when he was hunting dinosaurs and so… [:D][:D][:D] The next one we’ll hear about is when he was implementing navision on a Spectrum 48K [:D][:D][:D][}:)]

Great thing about HP, are the patches. Each time it gets smashed, its just a quick trip to the Hardware store for another roll of Duct tape to “patch” it up. You just can not kill those things. And Alfonso, you are talking luxury, A Spectrum with 48k RAM wow, when I were a lad I had to use a piece of string with knots in it for memory … hmmm… seems we are back to Monty Python.

I’ve heard from people that Compaq’s have problems…but I guess it depends on your luck! As for IBMs, I think they used to have problems with their LCD screen…but they are good. I’m using NEC now, and there’s no problem at all after 1.5 years.

I am using a Toshiba Satelite Pro. Its great. Big screen, runs all day every day. fast and quiet. Then again its my first laptop. [:-)]. Don’t like the look of the IBM but have heard only the best about it!

Well,we did buy Toshiba’s satelite pro, 7/15 have a dead screen after 1-2 year

Hi guys, I think the country you are buying it in matters also. In UK I had a Gateway and I loved it. Coming to US people don’t even talk about Gateway. I had first an IBM here and I have to say that it was very reliable and sturdy. But now I have a Sony and I can say that it is a step forward. The image is very crisp and full of color compared to IBM. But I feel that Sony is not as sturdy as IBM. For the IBM I had a bag with wheels and never worried about the bumps in the road … When I got the Sony I bought a backpack because it doesn’t look to me that it could stand the same rough treatment as the IBM. [:)] Toshibas I heard are quite good and they are cheaper than Sony’s. But I have friends that bought Satellites and are very happy and I have some people at work that bought Satellites and the harddrive died in 2 weeks so I guess the jury is still out on that. But I now I would not give up my Sony Vaio for anything else but a newer Sony Vaio [:p] Cristi Nicola

Take a visit to Sony’s web page, and try to down load drivers. After giving them your life’s details, you get an automated reply back saying that Sony do not put drivers on the web, but gladly give you an address where you can BUY (yes buy) a new CD with the latest drivers. Yeah Like I am going to wait a week to get drivers that I need now. Sorry, goodbye Sony. PS (I do (DID) love the VIAO though, even though it really seems like a fragile toy).