Darn it [mention:64fb33d4ab384f5ebca3050a0d9ca94f:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] . I was at the top of the leaderboard for last week, but I think you were at a conference or something. Back to usual - Martin at the top!

Please accept my apologies. :wink:
By the way, I was at the annual MVP Global Summit in Redmond.

How was it? I’ve seen some blog posts indicating it was a pretty good conference.

MVP Summits are always great. It’s a chance to meet fellow MVPs and people from Microsoft product teams, see what they’re working on, suggest new features, have a few drinks… :slight_smile:

Jake, good luck catching Erik on the overall leaderboard (every new member is automatically is friend = + points!! [:D]

Keep up with the excellent contributions, always nice to have new impetous and blood.

Thanks for the kind words Steve. You’re right [mention:61b2aa9ce72e429baa1ef43208ddbea4:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] cheats!

Were you at the MVP Summit, too? I’m sure you guy aren’t able to say much besides [redacted], but was there actually any AX stuff there, or mostly just fun new gadgets and things from other areas of MS?


His forum, his rules and the right to it [:D]

Unfortunately I have never been to an MVP summit (My employer sees it as a heavy cost and lost revenue for little benefit to them). In the early days there was little for AX, but this time there was a full packed interaction with the product group. So I know no more than you, and ironically the ones that did go can say nothing without breaking NDA, but the internet leeks the stories frustrating the ones who can add/correct/post!

Regarding MVP Summit, it was all about AX for us (I didn’t have time to attend even a single session about anything else, such keynotes on VSTS). We had the same room for three days where people from Microsoft talked about current and planned features and discussed what we think. Because we’re such a small group (although this was really big in comparison with previous years), it’s always pretty intensive.

Hi Guys,
Well I actually took myself off the leader boards (except the overall on the frontpage). Wanted to get some new faces up there… And new members are no longer automatically friends with me, but everyone are of cause still welcome to friend-up. But I did get a lot of points on that in the past, when we did have this “feature” turned on. I continue to get a lot of “points” from when people downloads (two points per download). And people still download even 5-10 year old files. So please go share everything from youtube how-to video’s, whitepapers etc. in the files section. It basically serves as an archive to information about older versions, otherwise not easy available today.
Did you know that if you go to your profile, then you can click on the points, to see how they were calculated?

Despite I have been an MVP since 2004, then I still have my first MVP Summit to look forward to. Previously the number of NAV specific sessions have been very limited. Now that NAV also is 365 for Financials, then this hopefully change a bit. For NAV we used to have MVP / product group meetings online regularly (and once a year “on-location” in Vedbæk). But the last couple of years it’s been rather seldom that we “meet” with them. Not that I’m really complaining, when the next version get closer, then the new preview release cycle starts, were we (under NDA) get all the information we need. That’s as part of the TAP programs. But still love to go to the MVP Summit, from what I can understand, then its a “conference” unlike any other.