Attain -vs- QAD??

Has anyone been up against QAD’s MFG/PRO eB as a competitor with Attain? I know QAD usually “plays” against tier one ERP’s…

hi, One point which I could let you know about MFG/Pro and Attain is 1.Mfg pro doesn’t have a strong interface with othe modules as Attain does. 2.Mfg/Pro is very good at Mfg but very very weak in Financials. I could get you more details later. I have a prospect who was using MFG earlier. Cheers, Patro.

I wrote to Navision via: the following address yesterday, shortly after posting this, and found an in depth response in my e-mailbox this am! If anyone else needs this info, let me know and I’ll post it, or forward it directly. Have a GREAT weekend all!

Could you please post or email to me directly at We have a 75 User prospect that is near a decision and is reviewing this product as well. Thanks Jeremy Grant

Could forward me at that will be a great help. Best Rgds Patro

I’d like to see this also - please send to Thanks