Batch processing thorugh multiple AOS instances in AX2012

Hi there,

I am actually trying to import Sales order through excel using batch processing.

In my scenario i would be running batch process from one system but is should generate multiple tasks which should run on multiple AOS instances.

I have configured 2 AOS instance on my system (on which batch is running) but tasks are not getting divided on multiple AOS even though batch group is created with 2 AOS.

Any help please.



Hi Rahul,

Following links should help you in breaking down one batch job into multiple tasks and processing them in parallel -

If this doesn’t help, please can you explain what you are trying to do in detail.


Actually we are trying to create multiple tasks in batch job which should run on different AOS instances.

Those instances are configured as batch server.

but when we are running batch job, it creates multiple tasks running on same AOS instance and not distributing it to multiple AOSs.

Also it is creating those many new batch jobs in waiting status.

We refered below link.

Please help