Running web services on batch server

Hello All,

We are using AX 2012 R3. We have 2 AOS instances - main AOS & batch server. Currently, we have AIF services & WCF web services consuming those AIF services, connecting to our main AOS server. But due to frequent calls (100 in a row), we think it can impact the AX users.

We are planning to move the web services to the batch server. The web service will connect to batch AOS to get the data. We don’t have any users connecting to the batch AOS for their daily tasks. Resources provided to both the servers are same. Will this move have any impact on the web services? If yes, will it reduce the web service response time or increase it?

Can somebody please provide information on this? It will be good to atleast know the AOS behavior if the AOS server is a batch server. Will it give priority to batch jobs before web services, or vice versa? We need to ensure that the web services are not delayed in any case & they are given 1st preference. Not sure if that is possible, but would like to know the insights of some experts.

No, there is no such prioritization. The server will try to handle both as its resources allow. Note that you can configure how many threads will be used by the batch server, and you obviously have control over resources, such as how much RAM and processor cores the server has, how fast disks does it uses and so on.
If you want to be sure that batches don’t eat up resources for services, then you shouldn’t use the same server.
But even if you set up a dedicated machine, don’t forget that users, services and batches connect to the same database, therefore you can performance issues or locking there, depending on resources of the database server and the kind of load you run there (e.g. if all batches often update the same records as services, there is a risk of conflicts).

Thanks Martin. We are going to use services to pass details of items. No updates or writes will be there. Using a dedicated server is not an option currently. We can either use the batch server or main AOS server. We have considered that the users & batches will also be using the same DB server. Is it better to host the web services on the main AOS or on the batch server, considering only the performance of AIF services?

To get the answer, you have to look at specifications and load of your servers. You can’t expect this information from strangers on internet.
I just wonder why you didn’t even mention the option of using both servers (with a load balancer).