How do batch jobs work?

I am trying to run an import job in the background. When I run the job, there is a ‘Batch processing’ checkbox. If enable this option and accept the job, it is added to the user batch list with a status of ‘Waiting’, but is never processed. The following is from the documentation: ‘First of all, a job can not start before an Axapta is started as a batch executer (processing).’ What does this mean? Does the AOS have to be started with certain settings, or does a client have to be started with some or other settings? Can more than one job be run at once (rather than waiting for each job to finish)? Thanks.

Hi sunax You have to start the batch processing in the menu Basic/Periodic/Batch/Processing. In other words: you have to dedicate one client to do batch jobs (and nothing else). This client will run and be in “batch processing mode” and will check if there’s any batch job to run…

Thanks Helmut, One last question. When a client is running as a batch processor, will run these jobs sequentially, or is it possible for it to run more than one job at once? (ie does it wait for each job to finish, or is it possible to set off a job, and then start running the next one without waiting for the first job to finish?)

Hi Actually I think it’s running them sequentially, but you can start more than one Batch processing jobs on on client. Just start them a couple of times. It is working because it uses (the rather undocumented) “thread” class in Axapta. But if you do so, you should use batch groups so that one batch processing job only does a certain batch group.

Just a bit of feedback: I have tried using multiple batch processing jobs (with different groups) and found that it works on multiple clients, but not on the same client. Also, the timing is not very accurate (jobs will usually start anywhere up to 20 seconds after their scheduled time).

Hi Helmut…

Thanks for posting, I have a problem: When I start my job with my client it´s works ok, but when I close the AX window, the process stop untill I open AX Again…How can I hold this process although i close the AX window?


Set up and configure a batch server properly rather than running it on a client basis whereby when you close the client the job is paused.

I´m working on AX 4.0, i tried but i cant find the way to configure a batch server properly

THKS! for the answer