AX3.5 VPC - AOS not connecting

Hi all,

I know this is routine and repeated question. But am facing the problem. I copied the vhd files from my laptop to another desktop machine. When I was about to start the Dynamics AX Object Server5.0$01-AX593 service the following error comes:

“Windows could not start the Dynamics AX Object Server5.0$01-AX593 on Local computer”

Still am not able to start the service. Please let me know how to enable the service?



Hi pavan ,

Change the System date to 2008 and check in case of expired date of vpc.It may work …

It is AX VPC 3.5 and it hasnt expired. As per event log the error is with “AOS doesn’t Start due to SQL login Error”

A runtime exception was detected. Details follow.
Message: Cannot open database requested by the login. The login failed.
Login failed for user ‘CONTOSO\Administrator’

Please suggest

have you restored any database ? any how do this and check… go to SQL → your db → tables-> dbo.userinfo (open) → see that your or admin login is there or not.


The problem is AOS is not able to communicate with SQL server. You can solve this problem by configuring rights for CONTOSO\Administrator properly.

try resetting the login credentials for dynamics ax service account (in the service’s properties)

also check if the ax service account has proper user roles (datareader, datawriter, ddladmin) and has grant rights in the 2 stored procedures: createserversessions, and createusersessions in sql management studio

Hi, were you ever able to solve this problem and if so can you please let us know what you did? We are having the same issues with several of our VPC’s this week.