Ax 2009 Demo Data Problem


I imported the AX demo data and everything seems fine but the Item Details. When I go to Inventory Management and click Item Details, I have no items showing in the form. However, if I go to SQL and query the table (Select * from InventTable), all the items are there. In addition, If I create a PO and want to choose an Item, I see all the items when I click in the Drop Down List Item Number.

Why is the Item Data not showing in the Item Details form then?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Edoloto

Check the company name set it to :“CEU”



check your Inventdim and inventsum , inventitemlocation InventTableModule (in this table every item had three record exp),

Item name : A

Than one record item A For Purchased

Item A For sales and

Item A for inventory

Run the consistency check in Basic - Periodic.