Automatic display of a data in table fields.

Hi everybody

Suppose i want a field in a table to display only a default value which has been set by me so how can I update it to my table.

For example: There is a table named ‘TaxWithholdTrans_IN’ in AX 4.0 which contains a field named ‘BankName’.

This table nearly contains thousands of rows and most of them are not containing bankname but I want all the records to display a default bankname as “HDFC”. Basically I just need to update old records bankname from null to “HDFC”.

I want to do the same for “ChallanNumber” and “ChallanDate” fields in that table.

So can anybody provide me a solution for that. If possible do send a code for that.

I tried the same with SQL statements using ‘update_recordset’ statement but its still not displaying any update in those fields of table.

Hi Karan,

Better write a job.

static void job1()


table tablebuffer;



while select forupdate tablebuffer


tablebuffer.field = “bankname”;





Hi Karn,

Use Update_RecordSet function to update the all the records at a bulk.