Automate Picking Location

Is there a way to have AX decide which picking location inventory goes to based on which location is currently open and not by the default picking location in the Warehouse items form?

The scenario that I am trying to create is that when inventory comes in AX would look to see which locations do not currently have any inventory in that location, regardless of item, and then assign it to the next available location? The only thing I’m seeing online is that each individual item needs to have an assigned picking location that the inventory gets stored every time but in our scenario we don’t care about that and just want it to go to the next available location.

Hi Christopher little confused with your question, To put your question another way

You are saying is there a way where AX could allocate items to a location in which there is no inventory (i.e items) available ?

Say I have 4 locations L1 (has items),L2 (with no items),L3 (has items)and L4 (has items). Now when inventory comes it should allocate to L2 ? Is that what your are referring to ?

This is correct. I would want AX to allocate to the next available picking location without saying that a specific item will always be located in that location.

Hope that makes more sense. If not, I would be happy to provide a better example of what I’m referring to.

Now, my question is

Suppose we have 10 items

When you enter the first item, it goes to location L2 as per above example. Then now where should the other items go ? since there are no empty locations all locations L1,L2, L3 and L4 has atleast one item

In the example that you provided, we would create a bulk floor area where the inventory would stay until a location became available.