AX2012 Available pallet locations issue

Hi all,

I hope someone can help with my available pallet locations issue as currently this value is wrong.

  1. I setup a location to to have a max pallet qty of 1. AX sets the available pallet locations field to 1.

  2. I receive a pallet of stock into the location. AX updates the number of pallets field to 1 and the available pallet locations to 0.

  3. I reserve all the stock, pick list register and ship. If you look at on hand inquiry, it correctly shows no stock at the location on the pallet, but the location table is not updated to reflect this as still shows number of pallets field as 1 and the available pallet locations as 0 which is wrong ???

I was going to use the available pallets field to calculate a location for putaway but cannot trust it.


Hi David,

I run into the same problem as you faced here. Have you solve this problem yet…? Because I can’t put any item to the location since the available pallet location is 0, but currently no stock at the location.

Thank you



Hi Esther,

Have you got an empty pallet location setup against the warehouse? As only updates the available pallet loc If the pallet becomes empty as it is automatically moved to the empty pallet location, otherwise the pallet remains with a zero qty in the existing loc.

hope this is the cure to your issue.


Hi David,

Thank you so much for the solution. If I do a normal SO > reservation > picking list > picking list registration > packing slip, the empty pallet now automatically moved to the empty pallet location.

But if I do a transfer journal > reservation > pick > item arrival, then in the item arrival I generate a new pallet ID from function > pallet ID, then the old pallet will remain at location with zero quantity. Why do the empty pallet still remain at location with zero quantity?

Thank you in advance,