Auto Clear Checks in Bank Reconciliation

Hello, We have a client who would like to be able to compare cleared checks from a external file provided by their bank to checks brought into the Bank Reconciliation by the “Suggest Lines” routine. If the check #'s and amounts match, they would like the “Cleared” field to be checked automatically. Has anyone done this already and, if so, how involved is the coding?

Yes, but with spanish norm 43. This procedure import from electronical extract and compare with banc entries. Salut! Agustí

I have built a dataport that imports all bank transactions from a file as a replacement for the “suggest lines” function and reconciles those it can. It’s around 60 lines of code. Contact me via email and I’ll share the code with you. Best, Scot Carlson Black Diamond Equipment, Ltd.

Hi Scot,

I was recently reviewing this forum to get info on automating our bank reconciliation process and saw your post. Do you think your solution would work for NAV 2009?