Bank Reconciliation

One of our client feels that the Bank Reconciliation process is very cumbersome. First the user has to use the suggest lines function and then manually compare the bank statement to the suggested lines and delete all lines in the suggested lines not on the statement. If by chance the user does delete 4 or 5 lines, does the user have to redo the whole process of comapring the lines to the bank statement or is there a way to retrieve the lines? The user will then have to post all transactions on the statement not suggested by the suggest lines function? If the client has like 4000 customers making payments every month, then even I agree that it would be a very tedious process. Have any of you’ll encountered the same problems? How would you convince a prospective client that it is really not that hard? Has anyone done any developement to make the process easier? I would really appreciate any input in this area, as I sure all my future clients would also have the same problem. Thanks Anu N.Anu

Many people balk at Navisions reconcilation of bank statements. I find if you sort the statement different (which involves adding a key and sum index field) the client will feel happier. Try and make it the same order as the clients bank statement which may involve some code in the suggest Bank lines and extra fields to store the sort order. If you want to do some major coding then the posiblities are endless, the user could type in the amount and you pop up the entries that could match. Or if your client uses electronic banking then you could tray and reconcile the statement with code. Paul Baxter