Arabic Field in US NAV


I need to create field that will have original item description in Arabic language and other fields in English. I have installed arabic language support for windows and it works in Word and Notepad. When i try to type in Navision i do not get arabic text.

What has to be done?



Tom, welcome to forum,

but sorry, no way to achieve this…

Navision does NOT support Unicode, so Arabic support would not help here.
You may combine languages using Latin alphabet (but even then with no diacritical marks as in my native Latvian - actually my surname is Īvāns), or have Win+Navision in Arabic OR Cyrillic OR etc etc - Regional Options main codepage defines this.

What is supported, is CAPTIONS, which change on the fly through Tools / Languages (if you have Language layers and corresponding license), but not DATA itself.

This is true even with MS SQL as database - if you somehow manage to write, say, Arabic text into the DB, Navision will display garbage, in SQL Management Studio you can see the Arabic original.


To put it short:
The collation (or language) which you choose when creating new Navision database determines, that in this – and ONLY this – language you can have DATA in it.


I thought that this is possible. Look at this picture:

How is it done in the Arabic version of NAV?

Hi Tom,

Navision supports double byte character sets. This will allow you to support Latin (aka English) and one scripted language, like Arabic, Chinese, Thai etc. To do this you need a special STX file. Your Navision partner (NSC) can get this from Microsoft with no problems at all. Contact them and tell them what you need, they will know how to do this.

Oh and also, I read somewhere that Navision can be made to support Right to Left, but I assume if you did that then English would not work.

Hi David Singleton,

How we can made NAV to support Right to Left.

Please advice