How to write arabic in Navision.

Hi Guys,

I want the navision to read and write arabic. What are the things that i need to setup for this.

I am using sqlserver 2008r2 database and navision client 5.

Please help!.

There is no such language pack available in navision. but you can display arabic letters in textbox.

Download arabic font.(

Install in your system.

Assign the fontname of this font to the fontname property of any textbox. This will display your content in the textbox.

I think the content will be displayed in reverse order.Before assigning the text reverse the text and then assign to the textbox.


We have developed and implement MS Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 in English as well as in Arabic. The Arabic version has the screen from Right to Left and English from Left to Right. If your requirement is still exists then you can contact me at

Regards, Gagan

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