How to display Arabic text ?


Is it possible to display Arabic text in Native DB, i’m trying to move data from Ho to POS database using DD in LS retail. Data have some Arabic dada field. once data moved to POS DB the Arabic data shows as junk. but its works fin in SQL DB.

Thanks in advancs


I don’t believe that NAV supports Unicode prior to version 2013. I have seen instances where very limited support for the Hebrew character set had been implemented, but it involved a good bit of configuration changes to the OS on the workstation as well as to the database. One certain limitation had to do with trying to contain Unicode characters in fields defined with the Code data type, an effort that always produced runtime errors whenever the data were being rendered for screen display. And then of course, there’s the distinction between the data you want to display, and the character set used to display all of the field captions, menu items, etc.

All that to say that there may be a way, but from my experience, there isn’t an easy one. Although, in 2013, that may no longer be the case.

I’ve been as ambivalent as I know how to be … replying to but not answering your question. The fact that your question has remained open for four days without a reply suggests that there isn’t yet a click-button solution to your requirement.

السلام عليكم

اخ امير

لقد وجهتني نفس المشكلة

المشكلة الان جهاز نقطة البيع

قم بعمل اعدادت اللغه العربية جيدا من لوحة التحكم الخاصة بالويندز