Approval In NAV 5.0

I Have Look at Navision 5.0

and then i found Approval…

have any of you use it?

can you describe what is the function for this module…

because i still confuse , upgrade to 4 SP 3 or NAv 5.0

I thought Nav 5 is not stable…

You can configure some basic approval requirements (based on currency value) for users and/or salesperson purchasers for many different purchase and sales document types.

If a document type (such as a purchase order) is setup to require approval, NAV will send an e-mail notification (using an HTML template via an SMTP server call) to the approver once the user requests approval. The approver can click on a hyperlink and open their approval entries screen from which they can see the document, approve or reject.

All in all it’s quite good and can handle a lot of basic scenarios. If you need to have different approval levels and approveres for different dimensions (such as departments and cost centres) then you will have to do a bit of dev.

All in all I think NAV 5.0 is pretty good. The new Jobs module has some weaknesses that make life harder for the implementor but I think all of the new features are much better for the end user.

We have customers running live on 5.0 and are doing a number of upgrades - I have not seen stability problems (well no more than any other version) [:D]

thanx for the answer gaspode :slight_smile:

I have converted my previous database to be Navision 5.0 version

And i found that my database is still the same like in 4 SP 1…

there’s no Appoval module… it means I must developed once again if I want to upgrade to navision 5

I Think I better upgrade to Nav 4 SP 3…


what you have done was only converting the database from 4.x to 5.0. So technically you are running 5.0 but your application is still 4SP1. You have to follow the upgrade path in order to have you “data” ready for 5.0 with 5.0 application objects.

So, no wonder if it looks for you like 4SP1. If you follow the upgrade path you don’t have to develop the approval modul.

Yes Exactly, I Jut converting Database from 4 SP 1 to nav 5

How Can I do right upgrade path to be like Nav 5?

But if i do that, what will happened with the customization that I made with my database?

If you need to ask this then you should probably not be attempting this yourself.

Doing a full upgrade is not for the faint-hearted and you may be better getting help from your reseller or a freelancer.

If you are a reseller or freelancer then you have a fair bit of study ahead of you.

There is an upgrade toolkit that you can download from partnersource that provides details on the steps to perform in order to upgrade. Perhaps the most time consuming step is the comparison of objects and the creation of a new set of version 5.0 objects.

This requires you make a comparison between your modified 4 SP1 and a clean 4 SP1 and see how you would apply those changes to a clean 5.0. Sometimes this is easy (new fields added to tables, new fields added to forms, a bit of validation code here or there). Sometimes this is quite hard - changes to the inventory posting codeunit which has also been changed in the target system. Any add-on modules can further complicate things.

There are upgrade routines that will take care of data that has moved (for example the Blocked field on the Job table has changed from a Boolean to an Option type so in order to make the change, you must first copy the values to a temporary table and set the existing values to 0). There are other codeunits to set the data back again once the new definitions have been imported.

Depending on the size of your database and number of modified objects this can be a long and painful task.

Hmmm that’s the problem…

my company is just a customer

we took partner help… but not again now

so they hire me as navision developer → for your information, I didn’t know anything about navision at that time

so I your your help to solve or gain information anything about navision here :slight_smile:

Start by downloading and reading through the documentation for the upgrade toolkit.