Aging report problem

Hi, I am currently encountering a problem due to arrays. I am using the existing report called Vendor - Order Summary. I wanted to modified this report so that instead of just showing 3 month period of data, I would like to show it for 6 month period. I tried to modified the arrays but fail. It gave me this error when I runs it “The indexing 6 in the array is outside of the permitted range”. May I know what is it mean? I don’t really know how to solve this problem. Please help. Thanks. Regards, Catherine

In the Vendor - Order Summary report, in C/AL Global check the Dimensions property of the “PurchAmtOnOrder”,“PurchAmtOnOrder” & “PeriodStartDate” Variables and make them 8 instead of 5. Also insert the controls for the rest three periods in the Vewndor-Header section.Also in the OnPreReport trigger change the For loop as “FOR i := 1 TO 6 DO”. Hope this will work.

Hello, when you’ve opened report look at your variable (local or global - Menu/View/<Global/Local> variables) properties (Shift-F4). Record “Dimensions” must contain value matching your maximum index. Also look at C/Side guide for more info. BR, Anthony

Hi In the FOR loop when you are asigning the array, Donot assign a dimension outside your dimension range