Aging Report Error

I am experiencing an error which started as ‘The indexing 1000 in the array is outside of the permited range.’ In tinkering to fix it I am now getting 'The instruction at 004f9b78 referenced memory at 010d5168 The memory could not be read from (blank) Click OK to terminate the application ’ Does anyone have an idea of where the problem lies or how to fix it? I am looking at a major headache as the problem seems to be escalating. I really would be grateful for any help.

There are several global variables in the aging reports which are defined as arrays of maximum size 9999. They are intended to hold the number of detail items that make up a total section in the report (not a complete explanation, but enough for the moment). Perhaps your original problem involves having data that exceeds the limit this imposes. If so, the first attempt at a solution would be to increase the array sizes. Since I have not tested this, I don’t know what subsequent problem you might encounter, but the Application Designer’s Guide says you can have array sizes up to one million elements or 2 GB or “available memory”. It is this latter limitation I would be suspicious of if you have already expanded the array sizes. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

That did resolve the issue. Thanks.