Advanced Distribution and ADCS and SYMBOL

Hi all Just wondered if anyone has implemented 3.60’s ADCS System and incorporated it with Advanced Distribution ? Have a client that wants this done… Not sure if it can. Regards Julian

Hi, If you mean “Advanced Distribution” as WMS then ADCS 3.60 is already integrated., and works fine with all the Warehouse Activities; 1. Pick Docs. 2. Put-Away Docs. 3. Movement Docs. 4. Phys.-Inv. Jnls. Good Luck

Hi Jules You will have to have a look at the incorporation of ADIS in 3.60, as not all elements were carried across , and I believe others are coming out in the future. It will depend upon what your client uses in ADIS to comment on its feasibility. I also have the ADCS manual which may help in your investigation if you have not got it, drop me a message through the forum and I will email it to you. Been trying to find the ADIS components left behind in the move to 3.60, but failing as it was on a presentation I went on about a year ago! [:D]

Hi Further investigation shows I was probably getting confused between the 3.10 and 3.60 releases - 3.10 had issues as quoted below upon an earlier discussion in this forum:


Attain will be missing 4 NAD granules which are apparently planned for Q4 2001 (W1). Warehouse Management (Zones & Bins - Directed Pick & Put Away) Contracts (Extension to Sales Pricing / Discounts) RF Scanning (Bar Coding) Usage Based Procurement. (Gordon Graham’s Inventory Management system)

As far as I am aware UBP has not and will not be incorporated into 3.60, it was originally a thrid party product that was incorporated into ADIS and has now reverted back to a third party product. I am unsure on the Contracts side, but this should not prevent you from incorporating ADCS and the ADIS elements of 3.60 - whether someone has or not successfully is a whole new ball game!

The UBP product is fully supported by Lanham & Associates, who originally developed all of the AD product. This work was done under contract to Navision and the current support relationship is, to the best of my knowledge, ongoing. In other words, by dealing with Lanham and Associates, you’re dealing with the real source for AD.

As far as ADCS goes, I just talked to some of my sources at HQ and there is going to be an “official interface” with Intermec on this. While it can work with others and originally had been designed with Symbol in mind, apparently there were some “issues” which I take as more of political versus technical.