Advance License..


Is Client License(ex. Advance or BAsic License) can Create Fields and Table, if so what is the Available ID number for Cleint License…Hoping for your reply.TY

Close to the license you should have received a TXT file that contains this affairs. For example a few lines where you see available ID’s for tables:

Table Data

50,000-50,019 RIMDX



Im my client license I dont see the Table Data, any suggestion, if there still another way,Hoping For your reply

As I said this is not shown on the license but on a TXT file provided with it, ask your customer for this file or you will just have two options:

  • request it (you or your customer) to Microsoft again
  • try and catch to determine what ID’s you have available


Create a form running on table 2000000044 Permission Range and run. Enjoy.