Licence Object range

Our Company recently purhased licence Adiditional objects tables ,forms and reports

We got the updated licence .But I am not able to identify the objects Id number range.

any idea for grting these range.

Thanks In advance.

As per my knowledge , If you want to create any new Object you have to give id which is greater than 50000 , because less than it dedicated to System.

Correct me if i am wrong.

Yes it is above 50000 but I dot know which range above 50000

Try to create a new form (you don’t have to save it) using the assistant and pointing it to the table “license permission”. When running it you can filter for the defautl customer range (50.000…99.999) and look for the objects you have “run”-rights. You should also be able to find some alreday built reports showing this in the communitiy, try to search for “license permission” or something like that.

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I just guess it that ObjectId is type of Numeric so it must be Int32. Int32 range from negative 2,147,483,648 through positive 2,147,483,647

so i just tried to give Object Id which is greater than this range and i gave this Id 2147483649 and i got following Error.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic

Integer must not be 2147483649.

Integer must be in the range of -2147483647 - 2147483647.


Conclusion: Maximum id u=you can give is 2147483647 this.

Got it?

Thanks all for your replies.

Ask your partner that supplied the license. [;)]

Together wit the actual license file (*.flf) you should receive an accompanying .TXT file, which is not encrypted, and there the additional object numbers are listed.
It looks approx like this : Tables 50000…50010 RIMDX

Create one New form using this Table No. 2000000005 then you will understand in object what are permission you have in your licence.



I don’t believe MS is including that .TXT file any longer. At least that is what I am told by the person in our company that handles ordering licenses from NAV. Also I have not seen one included with any license in the past few months. (This was a very useful file)


We found this to be a problem and have developed a form to read this off the .flf file.

You can download from here

Prior to the new Order Central I used Deployed C/Caps (a direct order system working via modem!), so I am not familar to the old(fashioned) order system using Excel! In C/Caps we could (and actually did) print out the license in a readable format, usually txt.

Today the partner, that purchases the granules, has to enter VOICE, look up the customer and print out the license, either in txt or html.

I don’t know, but is it possible for the customer to enter his Customersource Account and get the information himself?