Adding customized fields into ledgerstatement Report

Dear All,

Can anyone just let me know how to add the customized fields into standard ledgerstatement report in ax 2012.



And what’s the problem? Do you need to explain basics of report development? Or do you have a particular problem with LedgerStatement report?

Dear Martin,

Thanks a lot for the reply.

Am very much familiar with the SSRS report i am working with SSRS report from last 2.5 years,

Currently i have got into requirement from customer that they want me to add some customized fields into and standard report LedgerTransStatement Report and in the DP class i.e LedgerTransStatementDP he is updating the fields from stagingtable to temp table with help of record set the same way i tried to add customized field as JournalNum,InvoiceNo,Name and Description when am debugging the code the values are returning is correct but at front end when am running an report the report is coming with empty fields.

Need some assistance on this.



That’s better, thank you. Just please describe your problem without asking next time.

I assume that “when am debugging the code the values are returning is correct” means that values are written correctly to the temporary table. Have you updated the data set of the report?

this is the point am not getting how the standard process is getting update with staging table and then the temp

You can do it from visual studio

Hi Kunal,

can you please just go thru the control,contract and DP class of Ledgertransstatementreport and let me know where excatly i need to place it.

refer below link

as i dont have 2012 machine with me right now i cant tell you the exact place where should you write.